Joint Family Planner

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Joint Family Planner

The Joint Family Planner helps you organize your family efficiently with everyday activities to have a happy healthy lifestyle. It was designed to the organized individual or family activities in an easy proactive way. A perfect tool that helps provide a stress-free life by tracking all the necessities of your everyday life. It is ideal for parents or individuals that would like to stay healthy mentally, financially, and physically. All the activities you do in life can be scheduled with this planner.

The Joint Family Planner has 6 highlighted features to help organize your family dynamic.

  • Organize

  • Agenda

  • Expenses

  • Meals

  • Exercise

  • Stickers

The planner allows you to organize

activities, monthly expenses, create a

budget to live within your means, track

your expenses, and stay financially smart.

An easy way to live a healthy lifestyle by

creating an exercise program, making

healthy meal planning for the whole

family or yourself. For people who have

joint custody or a blended family, it allows

all involved to remain organized as a

group by keeping up with the kid’s

schedule by using the sticker features.

No matter what family dynamic you have the Joint Family Planner is for you.

Married Parents

Single Parents

Cohabitating Parents

What gets scheduled gets done.


Manage family transitions

Cooperative parenting

Effectively minimizes conflicts

Builds healthy relationships

Household structure and stability

Properly monitoring children’s activities

More effective parenting

Higher quality relationships

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

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In order for our customers to get the best use from our planners, we designed them to have 4 weeks per month. This allows for times when the planner may go without being unused and still be functional. To make up for any extra days or overpopulated sections, we have made specific pages from the planner available for free download.

Planner Packages

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Family Planning Strategy

  • A least once a month schedule a meeting with all the parents within your family dynamic. This could be a marriage mate, co-parents including their new life partner or spouse, or an unwed parent. Organize ideas and compromise on protocols and contingencies that will minimize disagreements and maximize communication.
    5 Point Strategy
    Joint Family Planner
  • Schedule major events and goals that will impact the parent's relationship with each other, with co-parents and with their children. Include relationships, parents, and financial commitments that need to be scheduled and coordinated throughout the month.
    5 Point Strategy
    Joint Family Planner
  • Ideally, every parent should have their own planner. This allows all to synchronize their efforts that were agreed upon at the Parent Meeting. All of the events and goals that were scheduled in the Joint Calendar can be added to your Joint Family Planner.
    5 Point Strategy
    Joint Family Planner
  • Plan out your week's activities taking into account the coordinated schedule that was decided in the Joint Calendar. Add to the planner your weekly budget, meals, budgets, expenses, exercise, and activities. Stay in communication with the co-parent(s) to make sure weekly plans that involve the children coincide with their schedule.
    5 Point Strategy
    Joint Family Planner
  • Add all activities and events that are within your Joint Family Planner to a Google Calendar. Create a group and share the calendar with everyone in your family dynamic. All co-parents and children will have these activities and events on their devices.
    5 Point Strategy
    Joint Family Planner